Organic Basil Seed

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Organic Basil or Sabja seed, now a days it called super food because of its Nutritional value and health benefits. Basil seed is very good for:

Weight Loss: Basil seed is full of fiber. So if you take one time your stomach become full and you can’t feel hunger for long time. Peoples are using basil seeds for their weight management.

Hair: Basil seed contains adequate amount of Iron, Protein and Vitamin k. These nutrients are very good for making your hair healthy and shiny naturally. It prevent from baldness also.

Skin: Basil seed is very beneficial for healthy skin. If you mix it with coconut oil then it became very effective to skin diseases.

Daibetes: Basil seed is good for type 2 diabetes. It control the sugar level of our blood.

Sabja or Basil seed also very effective for Acidity, Constipation, Body heat and many more.


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